Monday, March 23, 2009

Oh yeah, I'm a quitter, but I really want to be a loser

Okay, my second time trying this no-dairy, no alcohol, no bread meal plan...I made it 4 days. I won't make excuses, but I had a hell of a week at work and I was just starting to resent that I couldn't eat yogurt, have cream in my coffee, or enjoy a glass of wine after a particularly crappy day.

So new plan -- A few years ago, Big J and I went to see a dietitian. It was, possibly, the best thing we could have done. We both lost weight, learned a better way of eating that was sustainable, and felt good about ourselves. So here I am, about 10 years later, starting that food plan again. The plan is based on the diabetic exchange plan, and more than a diet it is a way of thinking about what you eat and what portions.

The best thing about the plan is that it exemplifies the concept of "all things in moderation." I get cream in my coffee, I can have cheese and yogurt, and I can have a glass of wine because it all fits into the plan.

One thing I did learn over the past week: It is really easy to eat without knowing it. Last Wednesday little j had some pretzels in her pocket and ate all but two, which she put on the kitchen table next to me while I was doing some work. Ordinarily, I wouldn't think twice about eating them, but in this case, I couldn't have them. It really caused me to think about how many times per day I put something in my mouth just because it is there -- the stray pretzel, the last tater tot, whatever. I don't graze while I'm fixing dinner; instead I have a small snack and a glass of water before I start, then I keep a glass of water close by. It's the little things that add up. (That and a crazy dissertation-induced Cheetos obsession, but I guess I can't use that excuse any more!)


Sherri said...

I'm so glad you are putting cream back in your coffee! Sally HP and I were just discussing how awful cream is without it--like dirty dishwater. Bleck. Here's to moderation and starting the day off right!

Sally HP said...

Thanks for the tip on the snack and water before's just too easy to graze!