Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Chicken Dinner

When we lived in Oregon we had a second family and every Sunday Mom-J would make friend chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy. Yum! As mentioned previously, we have our own Sunday chicken dinner tradition: roast chicken. Fortunately it's a lot better for us than the fried version. Although I have to admit that I really wish I could make fried chicken as well as Mom-J can.

So tonight we had our roast chicken, roasted golden beets, and lentils. For the lentils I simmered them in my homemade chicken stock along with half an onion, a sprig of thyme, a quartered carrot, and a bay leaf. (Note to self: invest in some cheese cloth for cooking things like this!) Then I fried some minced bacon and set it aside to drain. I sauteed some carrots and garlic then added the lentils and bacon back in. I finished it off with a squeeze of lemon. Even Big J, who doesn't normally care for lentils, said they were good.

A note about golden beets: they taste like sunshine! When I told little j that she said, "Well we don't know what sunshine tastes like." And I told her that I thought golden beets probably were pretty accurate. If you've never had golden beets I highly recommend them.

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