Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Beginning of a New Plan

Big J's A1C (three-month glucose level) hasn't been that great lately, and we've both been thinking about how to work on that. For my part I invested in a couple new books, the best of which is The All-Natural Diabetes Cookbook by Jackie Newgent.

What I really like about this book is that Newgent focuses on natural ingredients as opposed to the sugar substitutes that so many others resort to in order to lower the sugars or carbs. Additionally, sugar substitutes really wreak havoc with my stomach. I haven't had any artificial sweetner for almost 6 months and other than stess-tummy I've felt really good.

This week I planned most of our meals from the new cookbook and tonight was our first: Tequila-Lime Chicken with Spinach Fettuccine in Creamy JalapeƱo Sauce. It did wow us, but it definitely has potential. First of all, instead of seeding the pepper I would leave them in for more heat. Secondly, it was a little to limey for our taste, so I think I would cut back slightly or marinate the chicken in a mixture of tequila and lime. The spinach pasta went well with the sauce, but it absolutely needs to be cooked just under al dente or else it gets a little mushy. All in all, however a good basic recipe.

I served it with broccolini which we never have. If I am going to make it again (which I will later in the week since we have another bunch) I am going to have to look into how to cook better than I did tonight.

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