Friday, April 11, 2008

It's Springtime Which Means . . .

Friday night dinners on the Downtown Mall. Tonight was the first Friday that it has been warm spring weather so we all went downtown (totally lucked out finding a parking spot) and went to Christian's Pizza. little j had the usual cheese, Big J had spicy chicken and peppers, and I had the roasted vegetable. We ran into one of little j's classmates at pizza and ended up going to the park and then to gelato with them. It was a good evening, one that we hope to repeat often in the coming months.

As we walked down the Mall last night, it was impossible not to think about all the great food C'ville has to offer. All the restaurants have "on the mall" seating and once the warm weather hits no one wants to sit inside. Strolling through you can catch whiffs of French bistro, sushi, steak, Spanish, pub food, pizza. And everyone has a bottle of wine or pints of microbrew. Big J and I wished we were out on a date!

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