Sunday, January 27, 2008

French toast and scrambled eggs.

Since That Girl was going to pull a late night and not have dinner with us I asked little j what see wanted to have? She said she wanted french toast and eggs. I fixed up some french toast, scrambled eggs and a bowl of That Girl's home made applesauce.

Any time little j has syrup at home she likes it in a little bowl so she can dip it it ( sometimes I catch her just dipping her finger). little j was hungry as she was going to town on her french toast and eggs. I commented how hungry she was and asked her " what did we have for lunch" she replied " jelly and peanut butter sandwich and you had a egg sandwich" I asked her if she liked egg sandwiches and she said she never had tried she grabbed a chunk of french toast and a piece of egg and dunked both pieces in the syrup and then went directly into her mouth. She then grabbed the bowl of syrup and said " Dad you need to dip your eggs into the syrup" she wouldn't quit asking me until I dipped my egg into the syrup ( which I like... but That Girl can't stand!) Then little j said " this is the best dinner ever"!

As you can see the simply dinners are the one's that little j likes the best...or any dinner where there is a little bowl of syrup to dip into!

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