Sunday, January 6, 2008

Evening Out

Last night our wonderful neighbor Ms. J offered to watch little j so Big J and I (I know, so many Js!) could have a night out. I had already planned a delicious dinner, but hadn't started on it, so I was certainly up for going out.

Generally, when we have a chance for an evening away from home we choose to have dinner at one of C'ville's numerous, and often fantastic, restaurants. However last night we really wanted to see Sweeney Todd, so our dinner out time was limited, combined with the fact that neither of us was really excited about any of the food options close to the theater. So we ended up at Cheeseburger in Paradise -- and surprise, surprise we both had burgers -- mushroom swiss for Big J, blue cheese for me -- accompanied by fries and a house salad with blue cheese. There was a beer for Big J and a very large margarita on the rocks with salt for me. As far as a chain burger goes, it was pretty good. The salad was mediocre at best; I generally prefer more than iceburg. But the company more than made up for any shortcomings in the food. Sometimes it's nice just to have a meal just with adults, without coloring, without wiggling, without the possibility of a meltdown.

little j also went out to dinner with Ms. J. She had, and I quote: "Fresh noodles with oil." Meaning, she had spaghetti with nothing on it except olive oil and a little salt.

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