Saturday, January 5, 2008


In the spirit of providing complete information about our weekly meals I've decided to include a weekly note on the planning and shopping, complete with grocery bill. Now, I haven't discussed disclosing our weekly grocery bill with Big J, but I think he'll be for it since he essentially sees this blog as a way for us to have a record of our eating habits over the course of a year.

Generally I shop on Sunday, but we were running low on milk and, more importantly, cream for our morning coffee, so I decided to go today instead. That of course also meant menu planning for the week. So after combing through cookbooks and consulting with the Js, I came up with the weekly menu and shopping list and headed out the door.

An hour and a half and $214.02 later, I returned home with four giant bags of groceries (I bring my own bags). Now I must tell you that the total also included one non-food item (fabric softener) and 6 bottles of wine (which will not be consumed in one week). So, if you take those things out then the total bill was more like $169. Of course there is some wine involved with cooking (both for the dishes and the cook), so it really isn't fair to take that out. In any case, let's say we do -- then take 169/3=56 and then divide that by 7 and that is $8 per person per day for a whole week. That seems pretty reasonable to me.

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Sharri said...

I'm so grateful you gave full disclosure on your costs. I, too, plan weekly meals ahead of time, and that in itself has eliminated waste in my grocery bills. But I still come away from shopping feeling like I spend too much. We eat mainly vegetarian meals—so there aren't a lot of meat costs—but I like to buy quality ingredients and wholesome snacks for the kids, and that adds up. Yet, when I divided our total average bill by four (people) and again by seven (days), I was happy to find out our costs ran no more than $6 per person per day. That makes me feel better.