Monday, April 30, 2012

Apple Dilemma

We are not fans of delicious apples at our house. 

No, I mean red or golden delicious!  But we are fans of apples, until they get a little mushy, which explains why we don't care for the Delicious variety -- they are the epitome of mushy apples, not to mention they have very bitter skins. 

As I mentioned down below, we have been doing our shopping via Relay Foods for the last month.  The only disappointment is the produce.  For some reason there is a certain smell about the produce that makes me think of an old grocery store.  I don't really know how to explain it other than that.

In any case, I think little j is feeling the same way, although she hasn't said so.  As a result we've ended up with some apples that are a little past their prime.  I'm sort of loathe to throw them away or even compost them.  But there's not really enough to make anything super interesting.  Then I thought about apple turnovers, and that is my plan tonight for the overripe apples.  I've found a few recipes, but I think the key is going to be the filling -- not too mushy, a nice spice, and a bit caramely -- shouldn't be too difficult!

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