Monday, March 19, 2012

Kale Chips

Having recently discovered the joy that is kale, I have recently been hearing about kale chips.  Last week three people asked me if I had tried them, assured me that it is a must make, and talked at length about how delicious they are.

They were not wrong.  I picked up some kale this weekend and got around to making it while little j was at piano this afternoon.  First of all, it is completely easy: kale, olive oil, salt.  And I'm pretty sure that any type of kale will work.  I got the super curly kale and, while it took longer to cook, it worked as well as I would expect any variety.

I simply stripped out the tough stems, washed, spun dry, tossed with olive oil and salt (less is more here), put on a baking pan in one layer and popped it in the oven at 250° for about 35 minutes.  I took out all the crispy leaves at that point and left the rest in the oven for intervals of 3 minutes until they were all done. 

The result was crispy, light, yummyness.  little j and I devoured it all while visiting about her day.  The only negative is that the little kale pieces stick in your teeth. So it might not be the best "make a good impression" snack.  But my gosh it is good!

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