Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Recap

It's the Sunday after Thanksgiving and the three of us are in an extended state of food coma.  Actually, I never really felt like I overate, but there was just so much food all weekend, not just on Thursday.  Tonight we are eating relatively light -- leftovers, but not much. 

In addition to the deliciousness that was our Pancetta-Sage Turkey (made even better with brining), we had our traditional Brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes, gravy, and stuffing, and cranberry sauce, we had snacks of cheese, veggies and dip, and cocktails.  The evening was rounded out with a molasses pumpkin pie, apple pie, and maple pecan pie.  Whew!  This isn't even counting all the wine we drank!

Friday was filled with leftovers, beginning with pie for breakfast.  Then we took a picnic to Pippin Hill Vineyard after a short stop at Albemarle Ciderworks. 

Saturday we watched the UVa-Tech game (sad, sad, sad) and Bourbon Chicken-Liver Pate, and this amazing cheese where you cut the top off the cheese, add wine and bake it in the oven until melty goodness results.  For dinner we has grilled flank steak, roasted butternut squash, orzo, and Brussels sprouts.  Of course we had more wine.

We rounded out the family visit with Sunday morning crepes.  Wow.  Couple all that food and drink with not much sleep and you have one very tired family!  But it was such a wonderful fun weekend I would give up even more sleep!

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Wild Cayuse Creek said...

oh hello... wine baked cheese recipe please! That sounds like heaven