Sunday, June 19, 2011

De Ja Vue?

For Father's Day, Big J asked me to make duck. I looked at a few recipes and found a recipe for duck with raspberries. Yum! Well, I went to the butcher to get the duck and demi glace and unfortunately they were out of demi glace. No problem, I could easily find a new plan. And I did. I did a simple pan roasted breast. We also had mashed potatoes with divine gravy made from the duck pan drippings, and green beans.

little j said she hadn't had duck before, and Big J and I told her that she had and I remembered cooking it, but I didn't know exactly when it was. A quick look at my blog revealed that it was on Big J's 40th birthday and I made the duck with raspberries. Apparently my subconscious thought it was pretty good since I planned to make it again tonight.

I will say, however, that I cooked the duck much better tonight than before -- it was crispy where it should be. But it was just a tad overdone. I think I could have taken it off about a minute sooner. Next time . . . perfection.

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