Monday, May 16, 2011

Broccoli Pesto

This may not look that good (totally my iPhone camera, I'm sure), but it is so delicious! And to top it off, it's really easy. Okay, it's not really called broccoli pesto, but that basically what it is. It's really "Leaving-Home Penne Rigate with Broccoli."

I served it with a mild Italian chicken sausage, which was a nice compliment. We had enough left over for two lunches and I ended up chopping up the sausage and adding right into the pasta. Perfect for the at-work microwave and lunch at the desk -- which I will be enjoying tomorrow as I finish my grading!

I think this recipe could be modified in a number of ways: toasted pine nuts, shredded chicken or pork, peas instead of broccoli, ham or prosciutto, fresh herbs (in addition to the broccoli), canned tuna, maybe add in some grilled/roasted/sauteed vegetables after mixed up. I think I would definitely add some garlic next time -- roasted or confit. So many options!

If you happen to try it out and make changes, let me know!

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