Friday, November 26, 2010

Must. Have. This.

Bacon Dust! We were watching an episode of Man vs. Food and Adam, the host, was visiting a restaurant in Maine and they had french fries with bacon dust. Seriously! Bacon dust. So I did a little research and it is simply well-cooked bacon ground fine. That's do-able. What would I do with bacon dust? What wouldn't I do? I saw a recipe for homemade maple syrup marshmallows rolled in bacon dust. And while that violates my sweet and savory sensibility, it is so darn tempting. I've also seen drink recipes that use bacon and I can imagine using the dust on the rims of glasses -- I'm thinking a New Year's Day Bloody Mary with Bacon. There are endless possibilities. I'll definitely be reporting back on this one!

1 comment:

Wild Cayuse Creek said...

Freaking Bloody MARIA with Bacon Dust!

Bring it on!