Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fresh Pasta

Last week we had dinner at friends' home and I was reminded how good homemade pasta could be. little j was suitably impressed, evidenced by her saying that she wanted homemade pasta on this week's menu. Honestly, it's not so difficult that I couldn't make it during the week, but it is so much easier to use dried pasta.

Tonight I decided to make homemade pasta and went to Mario Batali's book and found an easy and simply delicious recipe for linguine with clams and pancetta. Since I hadn't made pasta in a while I had to get back in the groove -- so much about making your own pasta is in the texture. It is hard to describe, but you want a silky smooth dough before you begin to roll it out. I also remembered that nearly 24 inches is way too long for one noodle!

But even with the trial and error, it turned out great; and the clams were yummy! I actually made a double batch of pasta dough to use later in the week. Perhaps I'll even attempt the egg ravioli again later in the week....


Wild Cayuse Creek said...

I love homemade pasta. I do not love homemade pasta after discovering that one orange cat has decided that homemade pasta is a great place to lay down.

Bad cat.

Crafty Mama said...

My husband really wants to try making homemade pasta. Oh, and BAD KITTY!!!!!