Monday, February 23, 2009

A Sunday Stew and A New Project

I've been wanting to make Shrimp and Fingerlings in Tomato Broth since I first read it in The February issue of Bon Appetit. In fact, I had thought about making it last weekend for friends, but went with enchiladas instead. Well, I made it last night and is was yummy! Big J commented three times about how good it was, and that's how I knew he really liked it.

Although the recipe is relatively easy, it does take some time to cook down the onions, then tomatoes, and reduce the base with wine. But that time contributes to the deep flavor. It will absolutely make a reappearance on our table.

I served the dish with spinach salad. Although the salad was good, it wasn't "wow" good. Of course spinach is one of those amazing foods that should be on everyone's plate and Big J and I both love a good spinach salad. My new cooking goal is to come up with a really good salad recipe that leaves us both wanting more!


Hyperreflexia said...

Did you happen to take a picture of the finished product? I would love to put together a book for you that includes pictures and comments like you make here. I will contribute the scrapbook stuff and make it fun.

That Girl . . . said...

I am so bad about taking photos! I always think about it after the meal is half over. But I will try harder...and this meal is definitely one that we will make again.