Sunday, July 13, 2008

In the Interest of Full Disclosure

I'm starting a new meal plan tomorrow. You know how women talk about needing to take off baby weight? Well, I need to take off dissertation weight. I've been researching different plans that cover both eating and exercise.

A few years ago Big J and I did the diabetic exchange plan which was perfect. We still got to eat what we wanted, we just had to watch our portion sizes and pay attention to the exchanges. So of course I am following that and combining an exercise plan that is more focused on strength training (as opposed to hours of cardio).

My first twelve days on this plan is a "detox." Don't worry, it's nothing crazy! The plan consists of low fat proteins (chicken, lean beef, fish, etc), fruits and vegetables, complex carbohydrates (whole grains but no bread!), and limited fats (olive oil, unsalted nuts, avocado). So no dairy, bread, or alcohol for 12 days.

After the twelve days it is a twelve week plan that incorporates whole foods and a clear fitness plan. It sounds completely do-able. I found the plan in the book Strength for Life. I combined the author's principals with the exchange program. I think it will work well and I'll keep you, dear readers, apprised of my progress.

Lest you think that the new food plan will affect the food blog -- no worries! I am planning to look at my recipes and think about how I can modify them to fit or experiment with new ideas (the quinoa tabbouleh totally fits into the plan!).

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