Monday, June 23, 2008

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I don't have a lot of room to complain since I have mastered, even remotely, fried chicken. However, when you buy something that clearly states, "Satisfaction guaranteed or double your money back, " well, you have to hold that to a certain standard.

Last night I was seriously afflicted by an allergy attack, so Big J left work earlier than planned with the idea that he would go to our favorite chicken place Wayside Takeout Ole Virginia Fried Chicken. Sadly, they aren't open on Sunday. So no yummy fried chicken, no creamy mashed potatoes, no warm white rolls, no green beans cooked with bacon.

Normally, I don't care for chicken on the bone. It has to be really exceptional for me to even consider eating it. So you can imagine how good this chicken is when I tell you that I could eat it at least a couple times a week without blinking an eye.

But enough about my food weirdness and back to last night's dinner. Big J decided to go to a local grocery store and I suggested Foods of All Nations. He took my suggestion and stopped by, but in his constant quest for a bargain deemed their fried chicken too expensive. So he went to Harris Teeter and got a bucket of chicken some rolls and came home.

Now, when I open a bucket of chicken I expect that there will be some steamy fried chickeny goodness that wafts into the kitchen. Nope. I also expect to reach into the bucket and feel some heat. Nope. And I expect to pull out a piece of golden crispy chicken. Again, nope.

Instead we pulled out a dark brown, soggy, dry (yes, fried chicken can be sogg and dry simultaneously) chicken pieces. I couldn't even tell what part of the chicken the pieces came from they were so deformed. Most disgusting of all, Big J's piece was this dark brown overcooked mass with a big soggy spot. It looked like gray matter, and I imagine that it felt like gray matter as well. No one wants that.

We all peeled off the skin of our pieces to reveal dried out meat. And you know when you overcook chicken on the bone and the bone starts to cook at little and turns a weird brown color. Oh yeah, we had that too. YUCK!

So of course Big J returned the chicken this morning and stated that it was the worst chicken he'd ever had, opened up the container and the customer service person said, "Oh!" And promptly refunded him twice the purchase price.

Maybe it is time for me to perfect my own fried chicken.

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Tracey said...

Wayside is Da Bomb!

Great post - shame on the Teeter. Foods used to offer good fried yardbird, but we have found it mildly disgusting as of late.

Corey is a fried chicken fiend - it is the only reason I can write this comment!

LOVE seeing your new blog posts.