Thursday, April 17, 2008

Beef, again!

When I bought the beef for the "lollipops" I got more than needed for that recipe because I had planned to have peppercorn steak salad later in the week. Well, Big J and I are going out to dinner tonight so I knew that I had to use the beef before Saturday, hence beef two nights in a row. I must say, however, that we only eat about 3 oz. of beef per meal, so it's not like a big steak dinner.

In any case, this was another easy meal. I took the beef and pressed about 1 teaspoon of cracked peppercorns onto both sides then sprayed a little canola on both sides. I heated the grill up to high heat and cooked on each side for about 3.5 minutes. In the meantime, I cut up a heart of romaine lettuce and added some arugula into a bowl, sliced about half a pint of cherry tomatoes and a quarter of an English cucumber (unpeeled). I tossed the lettuce with olive oil and balsamic vinegar then added in the tomatoes and cucumber. I let the beef rest for about 5 minutes and then sliced it into thin strips. I put the salad in large bowls and topped with the steak then sprinkled crumbled feta over the top. That's it! The peppercorns gave the salad just the right amount of head and the balsamic gave it a sweet tang that complimented the beef perfectly.

little j, who does not fully appreciate salad yet, had alphabet pasta, carrots, tomatoes and cucumber.

(As a side note: since I am now done with my dissertation I am going to make more of an effort to include pictures of our meals with each post. We'll see how that goes.)

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