Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Spaghetti Revelation

little j loves noodles. Until last night she loved "fresh" noodles, that is with only olive oil and a sprinkle of salt. After getting a new swimsuit for little j we went to The Brick Oven. It's one of the very first places we ate at when we came to Charlottesville. We go occasionally, but it's a little out of the way, so not as often as we would otherwise. They have really good pizza and an excellent salad bar.

Of course little j chose her standard, spaghetti. But this time she ordered sauce and meatballs on the side. When she got her meal she ate some spaghetti then she dipped one of the noodles in the sauce and said, "Yum! Next time we come we should ask them to put it on top of the noodles." I told her we could put them on ourselves and she readily agreed then proceeded to eat it all up! Amazing!

I chose the salad bar which, at about 10:30, I realized wasn't a good choice for me. Yes I love a good green salad, but I hate, really hate, mixed salads (e.g., pea salad, most potato salads, macaroni salad -- really any salad that is made not by me or at least not in my presence because I really need to know what goes in it; and I absolutely despise any mixed salad that had a combination of cheese and mayonnaise -- YUCK!), and there isn't a lot of protein on the salad bar. So I had to have a bowl of cereal before bed otherwise I would have been incredibly hungry.

Note to self: one trip to the salad bar is good...a salad bar meal, not so much.

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