Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mac and Cheese, Organic Of Course

I rarely make dinners using prepackaged foods. But I make an exception when it comes to mac and cheese for little j. For one thing, she says that she hates cheese, yet she loves macaroni and cheese. And the other thing is that she loves Arthur. It is one of the shows that she has maintained loyalty to over the past few years. It's really grown with her and even Big J and I get sucked into it occasionally. Anyway, the mac and cheese I make is from Annie's Naturals and they have a line of Arthur-themed products.

Big J was gone again last night, so little j and I did something that we only do when he's gone -- ate dinner in front of the tv. I made Arthur Macaroni and Cheddar and steamed broccoli and we watched Scooby Doo and laughed and ate. A perfect evening.

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