Thursday, January 10, 2008

Quick and Delicious

Tonight the Js actually did go swimming. I knew they wouldn't be home until late so I wanted to fix something quick and easy -- stir fry always fits. This was an easy one: thinly sliced sirloin marinated in sherry and soy then sautéed with garlic, celery, scallions and pea pods and finished with about 3/4 of a cup of tomato juice (in this case, Knudsen's Spicy Tomato). And served, of course, over rice. Yum! It took me a total of about 2 minutes between chopping and cooking and even setting the table. And as soon as the Js walked in it was ready to go. What could be better? (Well, there are leftovers for my lunch tomorrow!)

A note about stir fry -- if you don't have a dedicated pan I highly recommend investing in one. I got a Joyce Chen wok a few years ago and it has seasoned nicely. They key is to really take care of it --and never, ever wash with soap. In fact, I try to just wipe it out unless there is something really sticky. Using a wok is an art, understanding how to use the sides and move things around the pan takes some practice and the results are really worth it.

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Wild Cayuse Creek said...

I had a wok once. Someone borrowed it and never returned it.