Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A perfect meal for a cold night

On Sundays I generally make a weekly dinner menu and then a corresponding shopping list. With the holiday on Monday/Tuesday I didn't do that and so I am sort of cooking meals on the fly this week and looking deep in the freezer for what is available.

It is really cold and windy today so I thought a soup would be perfect and I was craving some white beans (good fiber!). I did a quick cookbook and internet search and found a recipe for
Sausage and Bean Soup. Perfect! I had everything it called for with the exception of kale and I had to go out so that was no big deal. Fortunately my in-laws brought some linguica when they were here in September. I never really know what to do with it, so finding this recipe to use some of it was bonus.

I served it with a sourdough wheat boule and sliced pears. Because little j doesn't like anything that is mixed I made (okay, heated up) some tomato soup (Amy's) for her. The sausage and bean soup was delicious and one that I will definitely make again. Big J said it reminded him of the watercress soup that his mom used to make for his dad -- and he really liked it. It helped remind me why I like kale so much. (Note to self: find more uses for kale this winter!)

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Tracey said...

Oh, yum!

My favorite kale recipe is Hot and Sour Greens . . . a great side dish for pork or fish.

Kale is such a food powerhouse, but I have to find ways to sneak it in and this recipe does the trick . . .