Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Best. Gift. Ever.

Well, best cooking-related gift. It even surpasses, although barely, the kitchen torch. Manual ice cream maker! WOOHOO!

Homemade ice cream has been a part of my life since, well, always. Growing up we had it at least once a year, but usually more often, although not so much that it wasn't a treat. Honestly, in the world of desserts, I can't think of many that I enjoy more than homemade ice cream. The key here is the fact that it is manual. Sure, there are the counter top models, the electric models, the Kitchen Aid attachment, but they can't compare to working for that creamy goodness.

Our first batch was a chocolate custard. Delicious, even though I'm not a big chocolate ice cream fan. And our second batch was a french vanilla, to be served with double vanilla cupcakes at little j's sleep over. Also delicious.

But we haven't found a recipe that is exactly what we want. For one thing, both the ice creams used eggs. While they were rich and absolutely yummy, I was looking for something a little less on the custard side of things. I know the my grandmother has an old book (adorned with yellowing scotch tape to keep the pages together); perhaps I can persuade her to make me a copy. Somehow an old fashioned ice cream machine just deserves an old fashioned recipe.

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