Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fall Weather Foods

It's getting to be the time of year when I start craving fall food: stews, pot pies, hearty soups. However, the weather is not cooperating. Today it is 93°, much to warm for a hearty beef stew. So, I am making a concession: chicken enchiladas. And here's the great thing, this morning I made the sauce, and grilled and shredded the chicken. All Big J has to do when he get home is assemble and bake. Could I have taken a short cut and used canned enchilada sauce? Definitely. But Rick Bayless's Creamy Enchiladas with Chicken, Tomatoes and Green Chile (Enchiladas Suizas) is much better than any I have ever had.

I have to admit that part of the allure of Mexican food, is the preparation. It takes time, it takes quite a few ingredients, but the end result is totally worth it, especially knowing the time it took to make it. And although it does take time, it is not particularly difficult (i.e., it's not rocket science, or even advanced math!).

The other thing is that it is the closest to authentic Mexican that we can get in Virginia. And I will go to great lengths for good Mexican food.

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