Sunday, June 20, 2010

Food Aversions

Tonight we had a great Father's Day dinner of grilled pork loin with garlic and rosemary, brown rice, and grilled zucchini. The dinner was marred only by the cantaloupe, which the Js assured me was much better cold. We had cantaloupe with our dinner last night as well, but wisely I chose not to partake.

Tonight was a different story. Convinced that the Js wouldn't steer me wrong I accepted the smallest slice from little j and took a modest bite. Holy crap! I could barely get it down.

There are very few foods that I dislike (ketchup, bananas, and bologna, to name three). Cantaloupe is most definitely on that list. It has been for a while, but for some reason I thought my tastes may have changed. Oh, they've changed. I now hate cantaloupe more than ever.

So the Js and I started to play a game -- this or that -- in which the respondent (me) has two choices (e.g., cantaloupe or honeydew), this is, of course, a forced choice. Big J gave me the option of cantaloupe or a hot dog with ketchup. Seriously, both disgusting (at least to my taste buds).

However, we did play with little j who is now pretty sure that she might try cheese and a fried egg. However, like me, she'll continue to stay away from bananas.


Sally HP said...

Okay...just give this a try, it was a favorite summer treat at the Edvalson house. You hollow them, take out the seeds, and replace the hollow with vanilla ice cream.

Hyperreflexia said...

wow, didn't have a clue that you had those food aversions. you think you know someone.