Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hit and Miss

Tonight I used a dozen eggs: four for pasta, five for pate a choux, and 3 for pastry cream. Seven of the eggs were worth it.

The pasta was sweet potato ravioli with sage brown butter. Delicious!

The cream puffs did not work -- I had the cream but no puff! And this is why I don't bake. I can't even begin to understand why the didn't puff up. The pastry cream, on the other hand, was good. Good...not great.

I also made another batch of chicken stock. Now that, I'm good at. I'm coming to the conclusion that I either need to give up on the baking or practice a lot more! Maybe I should leave the baking to Big J who has become quite the bread guy. We haven't bought a loaf of bread since before Christmas. Awesome!

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