Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snowy Weather Cooking

This is day two of no driving because of the snow storm. By about 9 last night we had two feet of snow and we weren't getting out any time soon. In fact, the snow plows didn't even make it to our road today. It is likely that we will be able to get out tomorrow, but we can't be positive. We were running low on eggs and milk today, so Big J made the trek to the neighborhood store. It was surprisingly well stocked given that people in town tend to go crazy and buy up milk and bread before any weather event.

I asked Big J to look at the meat selection because we didn't really have any for dinner. He said that the meat section was pretty well picked over, but he did bring home a nice smoked ham. So I cooked that up and am making plans for additional meals with the leftovers: black bean and ham soup, quesadillas with ham, ham biscuits, and some sort of ham with grits dish. The possibilities are pretty endless and I realized that the ham was a really great choice in case we are snowed in a couple more days -- a distinct possibility.

To bake the ham tonight I made a glaze of apple butter, orange juice and Grande Marnier. It was perfect combination of sweet and salty and not a bit dry. Kudos to Big J for the ham. Now, about those 4 kiwi fruit he picked up . . .

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