Saturday, October 24, 2009

Go-To Dressing

We really like Caesar salad, but sometimes I don't want to have to deal with the eggs, grating all the parmesan, etc. My new go-to dressing has similar flavors but takes about two minutes. I like to put all the ingredients in a jar and just shake it up; it makes for easy mixing, good storage, and minimal clean up.

Here are the ingredients, use whatever portions suit your taste:
Anchovy paste*
Fresh-squeezed lemon juice
White wine vinegar
Minced garlic
Extra virgin olive oil
Fresh ground pepper
Shaved parmesan

*You could also used minced anchovy, but I normally have the paste on hand (a pantry staple).


Wild Cayuse Creek said...

My go-to anchovy story (also known as why I won't eat anchovies)...

I went to a company Christmas dinner once with John G. at the Jacksonville Inn. Everything, and I mean everything, had Parmesan cheese on it. The from the jar kind. The soup, the salad, the entrees. The salad consisted of chopped lettuce, packaged salami, tomatoes, and an anchovy. The guy who was sitting across from us said "what the hell is this?" and threw it over his shoulder. It landed in their boss' hair.

That Girl said...

OOOOO! The only thing worse that having an anchovy in your hair would be finding a hairy anchovy on your food. I think this dressing would be good without the anchovy!