Thursday, November 20, 2008

Marrow Fascination

A few months back we had dinner at a new-ish restaurant, The Local. They had marrow on the menu and being the foodie that I am I absolutely had to try it. I have to admit, it was slightly disappointing, as was the entire dinner, but I could see how it could have been fantastic.

And today comes a posting from Michael Ruhlman on how to prepare crispy bone marrow. Now, I just need to find a source.

We have a local organic butcher that we go to from time to time. The last time I was there I asked about beef cheeks and while they didn't have any on hand they said it was something that they could get. Therefore, I surmise they could acquire the "pipe cut bone marrow" that Ruhlman suggests.

So this along with the veal stock are on my list of cooking projects in the coming month. But first I have to contend with about 15 more pounds of apples -- perhaps more sauce this afternoon.


Hyperreflexia said...

just so you know I think you should run for president in 2012. i considered you as a write in candidate, but alas knew in my heart it was like giving McCain my vote. that in and of itself would be a slap in the face. your platform is to feed and educate everyone.

Tracey said...

Julia would be proud of your fascination - :).