Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Camp Cooking

When it comes to camp cooking I am not an expert, although there are a few things that I do well: paper bag fried eggs, banana boats, campfire stew, and, of course, s'mores.

To my way of thinking, roasting marshmallows is an art form. It takes patience to hold a blob of sugar on a stick and roast it to ooey, gooey, toasted perfection. You have to find the right place over the coals and you can't let it roast too quickly or else it won't warm all the way through. Ideally, you want it nearly falling off the stick but not so much you lose it in the fire or in the dirt before you put it on the chocolate and graham cracker.

I am very picky when it comes to s'more ingredients. Jet Puffed marshmallows are far superior to any other brand. They puff up better and roast more evenly. Honey Maid graham crackers have just the right thickness and crunch. Only Hershey's Milk Chocolate bars in the 1.55 oz size will do.

And the correct proportions are as follows: two graham cracker squares, two squares of chocolate, and one perfectly toasted marshmallow. The chocolate should be melty and the marshmallow should squish out the edge and get all over your face and hands. Yum!

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