Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday Night

When Big J is around we have roast chicken on Sundays, but with just two of us there's really no reason to cook a whole chicken, so I made chicken tenders. We also had wild rice (something little j and I love that Big J can live without), butternut squash, and mango. To celebrate the completion of little j's swimming lessons and the fact that she can move up to Green Dolphins we ended the meal with a lemon bar.

little j has been cooking with me while Big J has been gone. She is really at the point where she can do a lot of things. She even peeled and sliced a cucumber almost all by herself for our appetizer. It's nice having her in the kitchen wanting to do things. I need to make sure that I always have something for her to do.

The bonus from this dinner is that I have lunch for the next couple of days -- wild rice, squash, and mango salad. I can mix in a little chopped celery and maybe dried cranberries. Should be delicious.

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