Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Dinner Challenge

This morning, as is usual on Saturdays April through October, we went to the farmers' market. The vegetables are still a little scarce, but we got the first strawberries of the season. For some reason the spring onions are a little large this year, so even though we bought some we are a little worried that they might be too spicy for little j.

Big J can't eat fruits, vegetables, or whole grains this weekend due to a doctor's appointment on Tuesday, so little j and I got to enjoy our yummy finds (mostly strawberries). We did however have grilled shrimp. Now whenever we have grilled shrimp I get the great idea to make aioli. This is a hit or miss task for me. Sometimes it turns out great, other times, like tonight, it started out well and then broke as I added the last of the oil. The sad part is that I used a little over a half a teaspoon of saffron that Big J brought from Spain. I was able to salvage some by mixing it in with some mayonnaise. Not my finest moment in cooking, but if I can't do anything else then I can certainly improvise. We also had white rice. A typically banned food in our house, but one that Big J can eat this weekend, so we splurged!

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