Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Crockpot: A Working Mom's Best Friend

We had slow roasted carnitas tacos tonight. I just found the recipe in latest issue of Bon Appetite. It incredibly good. However, after reading the recipe this morning I had some second thoughts with how it would turn out. Good instinct. For one thing the recipe called for cutting the pork into 1 1/2 inch pieces and adding no liquid to the crockpot. That seemed a little strange. So after consulting my regular slow-cooker recipe book, I decided to keep the pork shoulder whole and add about 1 cup of broth. Good call.

After 9 hours the meat literally fell apart. I made a roasted tomatillo sauce to go with it and had avocado, crema, and a Romaine lettuce salad. Big J and little j chose flour tortilla, I went with corn.

The best thing? We have leftover pork for Cuban sandwiches in a couple days.

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