Monday, February 25, 2008

Simple Dishes

The Js went grocery shopping yesterday and little j asked Big J to buy angel hair pasta nests. Now, we're not in the habit of giving in to her whims as the grocery store, but it's not like she was asking for candy, so Big J bought the pasta. Of course that is what she wanted for dinner tonight although she thought that they would stay in nests. Clearly that doesn't happen, but it was a good lesson for her to learn.

Big J is out of town tonight and as usual when he is away our dinner was pretty simple: spaghetti with tomato sauce. Now I may cut corners and buy pre-packaged mac and cheese, but I don't buy pasta sauce because can it be any easier? At the same time, I got an email from one of my best girlfriends about the joy of cooking simple foods and how fixing a meal can be, as she said, meditative. That's exactly how I felt tonight as I made a simple sauce of garlic, canned tomatoes, red wine, thyme, salt, and sugar. It is simple and delicious.

And the angel hair nests? Well, as I said they came apart, but I made a little nest in little j's bowl and spooned the sauce into the center. She was as happy as any small person could be.

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