Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day Dinner

All day I kept trying to get Big J to take a "leap," that is, to do something that we don't normally do. He kept asking me if I had any ideas and of course I didn't because at this stage in my dissertation I am devoid of ideas and I certainly don't want to make any decisions.

Anyhooo....we went out to dinner to Downtown Thai. Not our usual Thai choice, but apparently it should be because not only is the food super yummy the medium spicy is hotter than the hot spicy at the place we normally go. we had spring rolls (fresh and herby) with a plum dipping sauce, and chicken satay, little j had noodles (of course), and Big J and I shared the tom kah gai soup and the green curry. Very good!

We stepped out of the restaurant into the bitter wind and walked a block down to the the crepe place and little j had a crepe with butter and sugar while Big J and I shared one with nutella. All in all a good Leap Day dinner.

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