Sunday, January 20, 2008

Turkey Chili

That Girl spent the day working on her little project today. As she was heading out the door she asked if we could have dinner @ 6 and if I had any questions about dinner. I answered yes and no. She wanted to be able to watch the Packers game which kicked off was at 6:30. We decided on Saturday that we would have Turkey Chili, a simple and good football dinner.

We received this recipe from an old couple that lived next door to us before we move out east. It is a super simple and very tasty dinner. All you do is to saute a whole onion and a few garlic cloves, brown a pound of ground turkey add 3 cans of beans ( I used kidney) add a whole 56 0z bottle of V8 or any other tomato juice. I used the spicy version. I added a couple of TSP of Chili and Cumin powder to give it a little more kick. It was good. I also made some corn bread muffins. little j likes hers with some honey... me just a big slab of butter.

It was a nice cold Sunday night dinner. The only thing better would of been if the packers would of won.

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